Future viewing

Links to films proposed for future discussion can be found on our messageboard/discussion board

Films viewed and discussed by the group


April - Castles in the Sky
Set in the 1930s telling the story of the race against time to develop radar protection for Britain as the threat of war loomed - parallels to the current scientific endeavours to deveop vaccine protection

Mar - Sunshine on Leith
Film vehicle for the songs of The Proclaimers telling the story of two young soldiers as they picked up their lives in Edinburgh after a tour of duty in Afghanistan (featured very brief cameo from the Proclaimers)

Feb - Stone of Destiny
2008 Film set in 1950s telling the story of the audacious removal of the stone of destiny from Westminster Abbey to return it to Scotland


Scottish Film discussion

The scottish film discussion group began meeting online during the cessation of face to face activities to discuss a film with scottish associations and then plan another film to watch individually prior to the next discussion

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